Autism brains have DNA with 8 RNA viruses which may be inhibited by Tetrasilver Tetroxide US PAT 6485755

Cynthia Barrington Tetrasilver

Hello parents and family members of autistic children:

I have found some interesting information about the RNA viruses associated with autism.  RNA viruses for HIV and cancer are inhibited by Tetrasilver Tetroxide US Pat 5676977 and US Pat 6485755 respectively.

Association of Autism with Polyoma Virus Infection in Postmortem Brains.
Journal Neurovirology, 2010 March – Lintas C, Altieri L, Lombardi F, Sacco R, Persico AM.Laboratory of Molecular Psychiatry and Neurogenetics, University Campus Bio-Medico, Rome, Italy.[1]

These viruses were found in the brain DNA of 15 autistic children in Italy who died by 2010 but had diagnoses of autism.   How did the JC virus from the US and the BK virus from the US survive from 1971 until 2010 for 39 years?  Tissue decomposes when someone dies usually within 3 months in a moist climate {see}

Interestingly to note there were a total of FIVE herpes viruses and

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