Suprise face: AMA Opposes mandatory vaccinations

EastSideHunky's Klobasa Klub

ESH is not surprised some medical individuals and organizations still have some sense about them, even in the present phantasmagoric world of lib unreality. The recent DNC/left generated faux discussion on measles outbreaks and their desire for mandatory, government-enforced vaccinations using the only source of many vax from the cells of murdered, dismembered, tiny aborted human babies.

Here’s a piece on the AMA OPPOSINGmandatory vaccinations promoted by big government libs, who seldom take their own advice in the area, no doubt so only they have the god-like ‘choice’. Note the recent measles ‘outbreak’ focused mostly in heavily blue state CA, chiefly in areas of highly dense populations of libs. The intro commentary is from Prof Dianne Irving, former bench and research scientist as well as high caliber philosophy professor who knows her Aristotle, etc.

[Note: I would also add, frankly, given the well-documented sorry state of the supposed “science”…

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