Which Vaccines and Why? {Part 1}

Levi Quackenboss

Years ago, as one of the few dads lurking on the Baby Center vaccine board, I can’t tell you how often a concerned parent popped on the board and posted that question to the group: Which vaccines would you choose, and why? It was asked almost every single day, and several mothers would always respond with, “None at all.”

“None at all” isn’t the most helpful answer to give a new parent looking for information and I was always hoping to see a better explanation for why mothers felt the way that they did. This is the information I wished had been pinned to the top of the group under the heading, “Which vaccines and why?” why

First and foremost, a baby can’t really make antibodies until they are about 8 months old. No antibodies to natural infection and none to vaccination. Their bodies can’t even recognize a bacterial vaccine without…

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